We’ve all dropped and smashed an egg before, perhaps in a baking accident, in a moment of frustration or just to see what happens… Beechen Cliff School designed and presented a contraption to prevent an egg breaking at the Schools Fair 2016. 

Wiping up that gooey, gelatinous mess is pretty gross. But look no further, a group of young scientists showcased a contraption at the Bath Taps into Science Schools Fair 2016 that could save us from our plight.

On the 18th March 2016 the young scientists from Beechen Cliff School tested their contraptions designed to prevent an egg breaking following a drop of one metre. Their audience of primary school students were a tough crowd to please but they took on the challenge and were stimulated by explaining and presenting their physics project. By interacting with other exhibits, they were able to get a glimpse of the world of science outside of the classroom.

In the run up to the event a team of staff and students, committed to scientific investigation, met regularly at the after school science club to discuss their project. The majority of students had not attended the festival before and were keen to get involved.

The several weeks of work put in to the project was worth it as the students had an enjoyable, but somewhat tiring, day. The teachers are also gleaning the benefits; Bill Wilkinson, the Science Coordinator at the school, found that presenting at the fair encouraged students to consider how to explain scientific concepts to younger groups. Viewing the other exhibits also broadened their minds to different scientific ideas. He has also noticed a positive change in student confidence in the classroom:

“…some of the students are not the most extroverted and confident students, and presenting at the science fair gave some of them the confidence to speak and present to younger students and this showed in their answering of questions in class.”

 Beecham Cliff School are returning to the Bath Taps into Science Schools Fair on the 17th March 2017 with a new project and team of young scientists. Let’s hope their next venture will be just as egg-citing…



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