The countdown begins! Bath Taps into Science is just 3 weeks away and the events team have never been more busy!

With 75 events across the week, over double our events in 2016, the festival is bigger and better than ever before. We can't wait for the festivities to begin and our months of planning to come together! 

We kick off the festival with a journey through the subatomic world with the Last Baguette theatre company's performance of 'What's the Matter?' on Saturday 11th March. The journey continues through the week with workshops in schools and on campus from the science of slime and building rockets to a statistic workshop and discovering biofuels.

Into the evening across the week we are debating water quality, gender in science and the use of vitamins for psychological health. Mid-week we welcome Saiful Islam who will lead us through the invisible presence that drives everything around us, energy, in the Family Talk.

We round up the week with the Schools Science Fair on Friday 17th March and the Family Science Fair on the Saturday 18th March where we have dome shows, dinosaurs, live science demos and interactive hands-on science stands.

We couldn't carry out all of these fantastic events without our sponsors so thank you once again - see you at the festival! ?


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