Are you still umm-ing and arh-ing about whether to present at Bath Taps into Science? Read these quotes from researchers at last years festival to help you make up your mind...

1) “Engaging with the public doesn't have to be a dry boring public talk.”

At Bath Taps in Science we do not advocate dry, boring public talks. In fact, we believe in the exact opposite. We encourage kids and families to explore, investigate and interact with science through hands-on activities run by researchers at the University of Bath, local industries and schools.

Researchers have previously described running a stall at the festival as stimulating, exhilarating, inspiring, energetic and surprising. I would not be entirely honest if I did not say that some described it as hectic, chaotic and overwhelming at times. It’s going to be busy and yes probably tiring but the kids, teachers and families all appreciate our efforts which is why the festival is growing year on year.

At the end of the day, if you’re rushed off your feet this means your outreach activity is popular! Hurrah! You can use it again next year!

Note: Bath Taps into Science is as far away from dry and boring as we are to discovering the end of the universe...

 These kids are getting an early insight into the world of gambling… dry and boring? I think not

2) “Engaging one-on-one allowed me to tailor my information to the person's understanding (e.g. small children vs their parents).”

At the Family Fair on the 18th March 2017 you will interact with people of all ages. It is an excellent opportunity to chat one on one with members of the public to emphasise the importance of your research. In doing so sometimes new ideas and questions can come up that help you think about your research slightly differently.

Just remember it’s important to think about how you will explain your research to a kid compared to talking their parents or even grandparents, aunties and uncles. It’s also important to remember that adults can be big kids sometimes so engaging their children will get them just as excited, if not more.


Team Bath Racing designed the best way to chat to kids one-on-one… they can’t run away whilst sat in here!

3) “Strengthened my belief in the importance of communicating science to communities and gave insights into the various ways this can be done.”

Bath Taps into Science brings science alive in the local community through interactive workshops, talks and stalls. We use our links with local primary schools to invite students aged 9 – 11 (year 5 and 6) up to campus for the Schools Fair on Friday 17th March 2017. On Saturday 18th March 2017 we will move the stalls down to centre of Bath in Victoria Park for the Family Fair that anyone can attend.

Here spectators, passers-by, dog walkers and everyone else can explore and investigate the research happening in and around Bath and question the world around us. As science is so relevant in our lives (more about this later) it is super important we all have a basic understanding of current research. Bath Taps into Science stimulates scientific conversation and intrigue giving us all the opportunity to become better informed about science. 

While the kids are away the adults will play…

4) “It is always important to reach out to young children so that they see science as fun and relevant to their lives.”

You are probably using some form of technology to read this, perhaps your phone or your computer, and you have most likely found this on the internet. Maybe you have printed it off to read (because it is that good). Either way, the point is, technology and science are all around us. Without research and development of new ideas our lives would be very different. I would be writing this on a rock with my finger nail and would deliver it to you by hand, by owl or word of mouth, or something…

Kids are growing up surrounded by science and technology, it is built into what they know. My 7 years old cousin gives my 80 year old grandma lessons on how to use an iPad. This technology is fantastic and it is relevant to all of us. This is also true for the development of medicines and antibiotics, using genetics to help treat disease, sustainable energies, recycling, aeroplanes, the WhatsApp message you just sent… Whether we like it or not science actively plays an important part in our everyday lives and will help solve some of the problems we face today, like global warming.

At Bath Taps into Science we delve into the scientific research tackling some of these global issues. But best of all we explore the most exciting part of science, the practical side, and display it in a way that everyone can digest and explore. 


iPhones are pretty relevant to kids. So why not hook them in with a giant iPhone that they can dissect while you chat about the science?

5) “And above all, enjoy, it is very rewarding.”

This quote says it all!

So now you are convinced to take part (she says hopefully), go ahead and fill out the booking forms for designing an interactive standworkshop or talk. OR if you have any science activities happening during Bath Taps into Science week 13 - 18 March, let us know and we can advertise it for you. Of course email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about getting involved! If you simply do not have the time this year or want to get an idea of what it's all about come along and take a look at how others present their research. 

We look forward to seeing you in March!



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