Peter Ford co-founded Bath Taps into Science in 2000 with Chris Budd and Bob Draper. 

Dr Peter Ford was a member of the Physics Department at the University of Bath for about twenty years before his retirement in 2007. Together with Chris Budd and Bob Draper, he founded Bath Taps into Science around the start of the millennium and is credited with inventing the name.  In 2002 they all received a Public Awareness of Physics Award from the Institute of Physics the citation being “For establishing and participating in the highly successful ‘Bath Taps into Science’, an annual science festival in Bath”.

He is a low temperature physicist by profession having worked as a research student at the University of Manchester on the world’s first successfully operating helium dilution refrigerator, which is nowadays the standard technique for obtaining temperatures below one tenth of a degree above the absolute zero of temperature.  Many years later he worked with Professor George Saunders at the University of Bath on superconductivity.   Together they have written the book ‘The Rise of the Superconductors’, which was published in 2004 by CRC Press in America.  He has given Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations to people of all ages since 1979 and these have been seen by upwards of a quarter of a million people.  Venues include the London Institute of Education, in front of about six hundred people, and on three occasions to young people at the Royal Institution in London.

He was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List in 2008 for “Services to Higher Education and to Science”.

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