My name is Michelle and I am the festival administrator for Bath Taps into Science

About you

I am based at the University and have been for over 10 years. I spent 6 years as part of an events team and then moved into Widening Participation and science related events, including Bath Taps into Science.

My work background is varied, from hospitality to human resources but have now spent the last 10 years organising events, which I love.

I have two children and it was through their experience of science fairs and my lack of understanding in this area which heightened my interest in making science relatable for all. Believe me, when my daughter came to me wanting to do a science project, I panicked and didn’t know where to find out information. I am now working with my colleagues to help parents like myself from a non-science background help their children and know where to look for information. 

About the festival and your role over the years

I began working with the festival in 2014 with Andrew. I started off organising the administration for the family fair and schools day and have gradually taken on more responsibility as the events have grown. Now I am actively involved in the logistical planning side as well as the nitty gritty of making sure all attendees have the information that they need prior to arrival and walk away with an increased knowledge, interest or just having had a fun day interacting with science.

What are you are looking forward to in the next festival? 

All of it! 

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