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Bathematicians are a group of mathematicians from the University of Bath, including both undergraduate and postgraduate students, who are focused on communicating how helpful and awesome mathematics can be to the public. 


What events do the Bathematicians do?

They currently have a selection of short workshops covering a range of mathematical ideas and curiosities. These workshops can be tailored to different ages groups and can either be delivered at your school.

They also have a range of mathematical games and activities that are presented at festivals, including the Big Bang Bristol fair as well as Bath Taps into Science.



The workshops that are currently in the process of being developed are listed below with their desired outcomes, to give an idea of what the Bathematicians will be able to offer once fully developed. Some of these have already been tested in schools, and are ready to go. Please contact us for information.

3 Cards Trick

To learn a card trick, and be able to explain how it works using algebra and counting.

Centre of Mass

Students hypothesizing and investigating results involving centres of mass using rice.


In Contagion we explore the use of simulation in mathematics by investigating the spread of a disease. Students will take part in a demonstration, which is simplification of how a computer would simulate a real life system. They will then be introduced to some simulations on a much larger scale, and be presented with some simple scenarios for them to investigate what will happen.

Age range: 11-14.

Keywords: Simulation, probability.

Euler's Balloons

In Euler's Balloons we derive the famous "Euler's formula" for 3D shapes through the use of a balloon-based magic trick. Through drawing a network on their balloons and studying it's properties, students will derive the formula F=E-V+2. Students will then learn how to apply this result to a variety of 3D objects.

Age range: 11-16. 

Keywords: Algebra, geometry. 

Lego Debugging

Students build their own model and write a building algorithm. They should learn some key principles to writing a clear algorithm and the steps towards finding errors.


Students to discuss strategies, and how they know they work (proof). Changing the strategy for general rules. A game that can be taken home and played with friends and parents.

Squaring the Circle

Students to get a feel for random numbers & probability, in order to approximate π.


Appreciation for representing a real-world situation with an abstract mathematical object, and being to make conclusions about the real world from analysis of the mathematical object. Understanding how a trial-and-error approach on small examples can lead to a conjecture.


You can email them with any specific questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep up to date with their events by following them on Twitter @Bathematicians



These sessions are available on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, or Thursday 14th, delivered at your school, with no group size limits.


To book, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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