Wednesday 14th March 2018

3 hours

University of Bath


About the event 

“Look into my eyes!” says the robot and its eyes flash through all the colours of the rainbow as it speaks about light, colour and MultiPhoton NanoPhotonics. But talking about the science of light is one thing and learning by doing is quite another. The children will therefore get a chance to work at the University of Bath with researchers and students to safely guide a laser beam, using professional grade components that they will need to assemble and position themselves.

In our research, we use laser beams to study metamaterials. These are artificial materials, with properties that go beyond what is available in Nature. Using a Geomag set, the children will be able to build a large structure that mimics the cubic crystal lattice. They will find out about the limitations of natural structures and of the advantages that metamaterials present. Students will also get a tour of the University and some of the equipment in the Physics Department.


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