Thursday, 14 March 2019 18:00 - 19:00
The Edge Arts Centre
University of Bath Campus, Bath, GB

You’ve no doubt heard of the number ‘Pi’, but have you ever stopped to think about why it appears everywhere in maths and science? How did we know its value before computers? And is it really our best chance of communicating with aliens? Dr Tom Crawford aka the 'Naked Mathematician' will answer these questions - and more – in a special talk celebrating ‘Pi Day’ on March 14th (the date is 3-14 which corresponds to the first three digits of Pi in case you were wondering…)

To celebrate this Pi Day, learn more about this irrational and transcendental number, which has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point!

Ages 12+ (there will be no full frontal nudity)

Dr Tom Crawford is a maths tutor at the University of Oxford with a mission to share his love of maths with the world. His award-winning website features videos, podcasts, articles and puzzles designed to make maths more entertaining, exciting and enthralling for all. Whether he’s performing live as the Naked Mathematician, telling you the fun facts about numbers, with his Funbers series on the BBC, or getting another maths tattoo (6 and counting), it’s safe to say Tom is always finding new ways to misbehave with numbers! Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @tomrocksmaths for the latest updates.



How much do the tickets cost?

The tickets are free of charge, but we do have an option for you to give a donation towards the organisation of the Festival. The Bath Taps into Science Festival is run by the University of Bath, but is funded through sponsorship and donations. You do not have to give a donation, it is completely optional.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No, the talk is suitable for people of all ages although very young children may struggle as it will be a one hour talk.


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Parking is avaible at the University of Bath, which is free after 5pm, otherwise there are pay and display spaces avaible. For more details see the University of Bath parking webpages.

Buses run regualrly to the University of Bath from the centre of Bath. All the details of how to get to the University are on the University travel information webpages.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Ideally you will bring a printed ticket or use the Eventbrite app so we can check you in. If you don't have either on the day don't worry, we can check you in manually using your name.


Can I update my registration information?

Yes, you can update your information on the eventbrite page up until the event.


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes, that is not a problem.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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