Saturday 18th March

11am - 5pm

The Edge, University of Bath

The works of sculptor James Capper separate into what he calls ‘DIVISIONS’ as follows: EARTH MARKING, CARVING, OFFSHORE, MATERIAL HANDLING and AVIATION. This self-deployed genealogy encompasses the artist’s passion for hydraulic engineering and fascination with areas of technology such as earthmoving machinery. Capper’s ongoing study of arachnids, caterpillars and ‘working’ insects is also identifiable.

Less obvious is the journey of experimentation and refinement Capper is undertaking to perfect machines that sculpt on his behalf. Able to transcend componentry and serve as recognisable works of art in their own right; the intermittent functionality of sculptures such as RIPPER, TELESTEP, MIDI MARKER, ATLAS or the NIPPER family make evident this parallel quest for automation – an evolutionary endeavour, as concerned with process and outcome as it is with form. Capper’s ‘DIVISIONS’ may be separated according to specific use, but the tangible impact each explores on the environment suggests a collective interplay of art, technology and the natural world.

This exhibition at The Edge displays works primarily from Capper’s EARTH MARKING and CARVING divisions including a number of ‘teeth’ that attach to the mechanical works in order for them to undertake sculpting or land marking actions. Also featured are drawings crucial to the design process of the eventual sculptures (though not always realised) together with video documentation of works in operation. One drawing MONITOR depicts a new work that Capper will be hoping to prototype in collaboration with the University of Bath’s Mechanical Engineering department.

More information on the Edge Arts Bath website

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